muizenberg huts

There is a place that exists where you can wake up with a view of a range of mountains that are covered in a foggy haze on one side of you, but yet just on the other you can feel the smooth- soft breeze of the ocean as you gaze over and watch the waves crash in while you enjoy your morning coffee.

Surfers Corner as the locals call it, a paradise for surfers at any level. I have the amazing opportunity of spending four weeks in this beach town and during this time, I have received some beautiful unexpected gifts.

I’m volunteering at the super chilled out backpackers known as African Soul Surfer in Muizenberg, South Africa. I started my week working in the café. As my first shift began, I remember the panic and rush of making cappuccinos as a waitress at a restaurant I used to work at in New York, which overlooked the famous New York skyline. I felt a sense of urgency to get this cappuccino to the first guest as they just had arrived seconds before. It was then as I was foaming the milk, I asked myself what am I rushing for? I took a deep breathe in and as I exhaled I smiled, I realized what a beautiful gift this was. I was reminded the gift of how sweet it can be to be the first smile that greets someones morning as I prepared their cup of coffee to start their day. I was reminded what a gift it was to be breathing and to greet each and every breathe soft and slowly just like the sun kisses the sky each morning as it rises.

I came here like many do, to strengthen my surfing skills and deepen my yoga practice. I remember this past summer as I was teaching in New York, one day walking along the busy streets of Manhattan and it just came to me, surf & yoga camp… surf & yoga camp. I can not describe where the thought came from it just did, as many of my travel experiences have just came to mind without any explanation at all. I felt a calling for a place where I have never been before. As I sit here and write this, I still can’t believe I am here, as just two months ago I was still day dreaming as if it would really happen.

September in Muizenberg is the perfect month to come chill out as Spring is just arriving. You can be one of the first to get a viewing of the blooming flowers in a magical field that goes by the name of Potzbeg, just an hours drive out of Cape town. As the next few months the flowers and scenery just keep on bursting with colors and life. You cannot forget the South African national flower once you have seen it either which goes by the name of the Protea, as it looks like a giant blooming lotus, it gives off the warmth and strength that this country represents.

The berg, as locals like to call is a small and quiet town. A place to surrender yourself to the ocean. A great time to reflect, read, write, listen to what your heart is telling you. You can experience the Berg, from spending a day hanging out at Boulders Beach with the penguin population, or catching First Thursday’s in Cape Town which happens once a month and consists of a night checking out the local art galleries, funky beats and local hipster vibes. You can spend a night low key playing pool with backpackers from all over the world or check out Blue Bird Market which happens every Friday night. You can get a taste of all the local food vendors, from some traditional Samosa’s to pretty much any food can think of from all over the world, don’t forget to try some of the Irish coffee fudge or honey chocolate bark as a desert ; ).

Having my first surf in the Indian Ocean, I was nervous as I had only surfed in the warm Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica before. I put my wetsuit on and jumped right in. The waves were much stronger, colder, heavier than I was used to, I then just rested on my board and was reminded by the waves of how you just have to flow with them.

There is no control of what wave might come, as I awaited my first wave to come, thinking to myself maybe it will be big, maybe small, I have absolutely zero control of what will come, all that I can do, for whatever wave may come is to be ready for it and paddle as it will take me ashore, either standing or completely wiping out from it. That is the beauty of surfing, as it teaches us to ride each wave as best we can, knowing it is only just bringing us upon shore, back to our true selves, to the place where we exist.

My heart wants to thank African Soul Surfer for this magical time. You have given me so much time for reflection, reminding me of how to live in the present again, and to keep in rhythm with the natural flows of life as the sea teaches us. I am so grateful to have been here and to have experienced you. I hope to all of you that you somehow someday can make it out here too, as a local told me “You don’t come to Muizenberg by accident.” Wherever you are, wherever it may be, I hope you find peace in your heart, as Muize has given me. Love and Light.


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