Just opposite the train station, overlooking the waves, is an awesome initiative that WE LOVE and are sure you will too. The Muizenberg Kitchen is a community project born out of the hardships endured in covid/lockdowns, with the aim of providing nutritious, affordable meals to the broader community. Having now found a great venue, they offer daily vegetarian plate lunches for a nominal R50 (less than €3). The portions are generous, delicious, healthy and all prepared and served by volunteers. Much of the produce is grown in the local veggie garden, and proceeds go back into the project to keep doing more good.

The space created is a melting pot of interesting locals and visitors, often sharing tables and interacting with strangers in the most wonderful way.

There’s also a supper club, takeaway boxes, plus a cool shop with loads of conscious products (bring your own containers).

We want to support things like this! All our Surf & Yoga guests receive a voucher to go checkout the Muizenberg Kitchen. But any guest can come get one from Reception. Do yourself a favour and don’t miss out, its epic!

Find out more about their story below.