Karma is a Universal Law. Cause & Effect. What you give out is what you will receive.

We as Surfer’s receive so much from the Ocean, but what do we give back?

    • We can keep our beaches clean from litter by getting into the habit of picking up trash on your path when at the beach, or organise a Beach Cleanup at your local spot.


    • We can be role-models to young surfers, and show them the good values that the Ocean taught us.


  • We can pay it forward, by sharing our old surf equipment with those less fortunate.

Its not much, but its the least we can do for the lifestyle we have. Give thanks to the Ocean.

Surfing is a lifestyle that saved my life. Probably saved yours too. But it is not accessible unless you have money. It’s a luxury. The waves might be free, but the equipment needed to ride them are not.

In our consumer culture most surfers will get a new board or wetsuit every year or two, over a lifetime what happens to your pile of old gear? Sitting in a garage gathering dust, slowly decaying? Yellowing in the sun in the backyard? Why not spread a little stoke and create some good wave karma by donating it to someone who can’t afford their own?

But as if the promise of almost-guaranteed set-waves isn’t enough, African Soul Surfer is willing to sweeten the deal.


Donate a Surfboard or Wetsuit

Receive a Gift-voucher for 1 night in one of our Sea-view Double rooms @ African Soul Surfer

(Boards must be in usable condition ie no un-fixed dings, have fins etc / Wetsuits must be in usable condition ie not have any tears, broken zips etc)


Donate a Surf Brand Hoody or Boardies

Receive a Gift-voucher for a Yoga class & Superfood breakfast @ African Soul Surfer

(Both these items are multi-functional. Other than the obvious, they also act as an important symbol of inclusion, one that an aspiring surfer is proud to wear and be part of the tribe )

It’s that simple.

Drop off the gear at African Soul Surfer, receive your voucher, we will distribute the goods to those who need them.

Mostly, but not exclusively, to these great initiatives 9 Miles Project, Waves For Change, Surf Pop, Shamoya Freesurf Club, Palama Metsi, but also to any person who contacts us and says they want to surf but can’t afford to.

Big up to these folk for getting the karma flowing;