Who doesn’t love a big screen surf movie?

Well we sure do, and are stoked to announce our new project ‘Counter Culture Club’ launching Thursday 17 November. The idea is to create a space where the local Surf Family can meet up once a month to talk story and appreciate some of the more classic surf films that are sub-culture are founded upon, but that many haven’t seen before. Think ‘Morning of the Earth’, ‘5 Summer Stories’, ‘The Search’, ‘Forgotten Island of Santosha’  etc.

Our history as a collective is rich, with great stories, adventures and innovations, many of which have been documented in film through the ages, and now we are dusting em off and shining a light on them.


Especially important to us is that the grommets (under 18 surf rats) are aware of where things have come from, that surfing did actually happen pre-computer shapes, thrusters and internet surf forecasts! Give the kids some culture! Because we have a licensed bar, that dont serve grommets, we will do a special ‘Grom-screening’ at 6.30pm before the main viewing. Dad’s are welcome. All groms out by 8pm sharp!

After the main viewing there will be a 30 min intermission, followed by a Documentary to open the mind. Either watch that too or just hang out, shoot some pool and enjoy the vibe in the bar.

Entry is a measly R20 and that covers free popcorn. Please bring your own Camp-Chair or cushion to sit on, chairs are not provided.