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A) The board length is minimum 9 feet measured from the nose to the tail
on the deck of the surfboard.
B) The width dimensions are to be a total minimum 47 inches in aggregate.
C) The board will have a single central fin.There must be no provision for any
other fin configuration
D) The fin will be at least 8 inches from its mounted base to the highest point
E) The board will weigh a minimum of six kilograms.
F) The rails of the surfboard will be 50/50 or 60/40 from nose to tail.
G) No leg rope but at the contest directors discretion


1) No moaning


“The surfer must execute traditional manouevre’s with continual
motion, style and grace in the most critical sections of the wave. The
surfer must display uninterrupted flow with control of the surfboard
with emphasis on creativity, form with smoothness and the linking of
manouevre’s over the entire ride.

A) Nose rides – touch 5 and 10’s and extended 5’s and 10’s
B) Cross Stepping and Reverse Walks
C) Bottom turns (including soul arch)
D) Take offs (including late & fade)
E) Cutbacks (including drop-knee, roundhouse & lay back)
F) Stall and Trim
G) Cover Ups (including head dips)
H) Forward and Reverse Flick outs • Side slides, On Deck 360’s, Head Stands, Coffins, Beach Step Offs, Hawaiian pullout