Surfing Cape Town

Cape Town boasts a huge variety of surf spots catering to all levels from small, easy learner waves to thumping beachbreaks & slabs, all the way up to waves as big as you can get anywhere in the world BUT it can be pretty hard to find the right spot on the right day. 


Below rates are for surfing Cape Peninsula (City – Blouberg – Kommetjie) Weskus & Boland only available on Full day, R300 surcharge
Pickup & Dropoff @ AfricanSoulSurfer only. ½ day = 1 surf. Full day = 2 surfs *surf equipment not included

½ day with Guide+Vehicle  (1-3 people) R850

Full day with Guide+Vehicle  (1-3 people) R1500

½ day with Guide  (1-3 people & own car) R700

½ day with Guide  (1-3 people & own car) R1400

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Other waves in the area

Beginner spots


Intermediate spots


Expert spots


Big waves


The Cape Peninsula is blessed with incredible natural scenery & surfable waves on all sides, but most are fickle and only work for a couple hours a day on the right set of conditions. Somewhere is always offshore, and 355 days a year there is swell!

Employing one of our Local Surf Guides, born & bred in the lifelong study of our wave-rich coasts, will help you get to the right spots at the right time, best suited for your ability, and explaining all the intricacies of each break (like where to park, to paddle out, any inherent risks like rips, sneaky tock shelves & which locals to greet and which to avoid!)

They won’t take you to any sensitive/secret spots out of respect to our community, but there are tons of waves you will be able to surf & enjoy. 

With the right local knowledge and will to search out waves, Cape Town is a surfers dream. Without it, you’ll just be surfing with the crowds at Muizenberg, Long Beach or Big Bay (still fun but there’s so much more to this area to explore).