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9ft+, heavy, single fin surfboards
36 Surfers

Winner goes to Mexico!

Want in?

Strictly 9ft+ , Single & Unleashed

Winner gets a return flight to Mexico & a wildcard entry into the MEXILOGFEST

All entries welcome. 36 Logjam Showcase surfers will be selected from the entries on 14 May 2018.

Logjam style.. no divisions. groms, ballies, guys & gals.

Entry Fee is R500 and goes 100% towards a flight to Mexico, payable by 21 May if selected for Logjam IV

Please complete below Entry Form and make sure to attach a pic of yourself surfing!
Alternatively email logjam.invitational@gmail.com / You will receive an automatic confirmation email once successfully entered below


Singles, Twinnies, Quads, Bonzers, Friction-free
Just for fun. Open to all
Spot prizes

This part of the Logjam is for everybody to share the feeling. We’ve had the Woodies, The Single Mingle, and this year’s surf-circus theme is AnythingBut3. Any non-thruster surfboard welcome, the more interesting the better.

Spot prizes for Craziest Outfit, Most Stoked, Best Tandem wave, Longest ride

How to Enter

  • Entry is R50 on the day
  • AnythingBut3 paddle out is midday. Please register at the Sealand stall by 11.45am.

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